“Think of the lost knowledge we may discover! The treasure! The writings! The artwork! Why, if we are successful, this will be the greatest discovery of the last hundred years!”

Elizabeth-Alicia Veronica Postagestamp’s dreams were finally coming true. She had signed up for work experience with a team of professional adventurers setting off into the unexplored Wilds. But the two worst people at school have joined too. Stuck for an entire summer with Ollie Foureyes? And Arnie Oink?! The horror!

The Treasure of Everlight is an exciting story about a group of colourful characters on a mission to discover the ancient ruins of a mysterious city. But the journey is far more perilous then they could ever imagine. Will they find the lost city of Everlight? Will they survive to tell the tale?

Enjoy an online story, packed with fun and suspense. Explore more of this steam-punk/fantasy world with each new episode. The best part? It’s all free!

…there’s also a talking badger – so why not check it out?

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About the Author:
Husband, artist, pilgrim. Ben Scotton is married to his best friend, Beth, and lives in Derby, UK.

What other readers are saying:

  1. Thank you for the latest episode. Certainly kept my attention and the characters seem very real.

  2. Looks like this is going to be a great story! Pacing is great, with the right balance between narration and…