Main Characters

In order of appearance (roughly!)

Bess Postage-Stamp

The younger sister of Jake, Elizabeth-Alicia Veronica Postage-Stamp lives in the village of Becclesbrook too. She has dreamed of going on an adventure for a long time now. But does she have what it takes to become a professional adventurer like Jake?

Ollie Four-Eyes

His parents only moved to Becclesbrook a couple of years ago from Krank City. He goes to the only school in the village, along with Bess and Arnie. But they don’t like each other at all! Ollie misses big city life and doesn’t want to go on any real-life adventures.

Arnie Oink

Has lived in Becclesbrook all his life and, just like Bess, wants to prove that he has what it takes to be a real adventurer. Otherwise he’ll be stuck working on the farm for life!

Not many people at school like Arnie. He is always getting into fights and causing trouble… This could be a problem for the expedition.

Jake the Adventurer

From the sleepy little village of Becclesbrook in the far north of the Western Realm, Jake Postage-Stamp decided the life of a village postman was not for him. Instead he has travelled far and wide throughout the Six Realms. He now has a house in his home village, but is only ever there for half the year. The rest of the time he is off adventuring.

He has become such a successful adventurer that people from all over the Western Realm hire him to go off into the Wilds for them and bring back treasures from distant, forgotten places.

Mr Muser

Made a huge fortune from selling books. He has bookshops in every city and large town in the Western Realm. Spends most of his time gathering ideas for new books and collecting ancient bits and bobs.

Mr Muser is fascinated by ancient legends and history. He is providing all the money for Jake’s expedition to find Everlight and couldn’t bear the thought of missing out on the fun. He decided to tag along for the ride.

Professor Rubbish

Professor of Archaeology & Ancient Languages at Krank City University. The expedition to find the lost city of Everlight is certainly not her first adventure.

Captain Fatal

He retired early from the army with full honours and a tidy pension. His life since leaving has been, if anything, even more exciting. He spends most of his time going on one adventure after another.

Captain Fatal still likes to wear his best parade-ground uniform on special occasions and whatever adventure he is currently on, you can be sure his moustaches will be waxed to perfection.

Little is known about his early life, but his accent would suggest his home county is somewhere far to the south.

Private Smelly

Yes, it true. He can be! Although it could be pointed out that he and Larry do a lot of the heavy lifting so it’s hardly fair to complain.

He’s also great at telling stories. Private Smelly thinks he can remember pretty much every story he ever heard and is only too happy to retell one, if you ask nicely.

It isn’t clear how Smelly gets so much army leave. But currently, with the Long War at a very low ebb, there’s not much for the soldiers to do. The Army is only too happy to let them go off adventuring so long as it keeps them out of the wrong kind of trouble.


Little is known about Larry the badger. Some say he lost his right eye in a chemistry experiment gone wrong and that’s why he’s always so grumpy.

All we really know is he is very, very good at making stuff blow up… and he enjoys munching on beetles!